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Criminal Defense Investigations

Strengthen Your Defense and Improve the Outcome Of Your Case


At Master P.I., we’re determined to perform our duties to the highest standards by responding to the ever-changing issues and situations you are confronted with. Master P.I. promises to deliver nothing but the facts and will render honest, unbiased reports. These reports can assist in building a strong defense for civil and criminal court cases, helping to clear your name or providing you with an improved outcome in your case.

We are proud of our team of investigators and employ only thoroughly trained and reputable field investigators. Our staff is committed to providing you with accurate information to allow for the proper adjudication of your case. Each employee is carefully screened and selected for his or her expertise.

Our ability to focus and to utilize the latest technology while retaining a personal touch represents our commitment, and exemplifies an innovative way of doing business that is distinctly Master P.I.

Master P.I. has proven success in the following areas, though we are in no way limited to them:

Civil And Criminal Investigations:

• Property and Casualty Suits
• Criminal Suits
• Personal Injury Suits
• Subrogation
• Witness Location
• Written and Recorded Statements
• Interviews and Neighborhood Canvases

Corporate Investigations:

• Undercover Investigations
• Internal Theft Control
• Drug Use Control
• Drug Screening
• Property Damage / Misuse
• Pre-Employment Background Screening