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Cohabitation Investigations


If Your Ex is Breaking a Cohabitation Agreement, They’re Breaking The Law

Cohabitation agreements set up by the courts are often disregarded. Breaking a cohabitation agreement can happen when either party has a girlfriend or boyfriend living in the residence or spending the night during certain times. If you share custody of a child, there are rules for allowing a stranger to be around your child in addition to what the courts have specified.

Proving that your ex is residing with another individual can reduce alimony payments or exempt you from paying them altogether. Master P.I. takes a comprehensive approach which determines the period of time that individuals are living together, the intensity of the relationship and any other factors which may be useful in supporting in your case. Master P.I. can get you the evidence and documentation you need to take your case to court.

Master P.I. has the tools and experience needed to properly document the suspect, either by visually observing or videotaping the individual during their stay. This documentation can then be shared with the court to prove that someone is living in the residence or that they’re staying past the hours stipulated by the court, thus proving your case.