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Worker’s Compensation and Liability Investigations


With workers’ compensation and personal injury claims on the rise, large sums of money can be made from filing fraudulent claims. Our investigative team can save your company’s hard earned profits.

MASTER P.I.’s investigators utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Our video cameras are equipped with telephoto lenses, night vision and auto stabilizers. This allows for up close and steady videotaping of activities, which is crucial to our clients.

Background investigations are discreetly conducted as needed. A thorough background check is essential to the success of the assignment. It provides our investigators with key information before the assignment is handled. A detailed report is submitted to our client upon completion of each investigation. All reports contain accurate documentation of events relating to the facts of the case. All activities that the claimant performs are documented, as even the smallest activity can be pertinent to the claim. Our clients are updated on a daily basis with the progress of the investigation, allowing for immediate changes at their request.

The Following Are Possible Indicators of Fraud

  • Injuries that occur early in the week or late on Friday, but are not reported until Monday morning.
  • The claimant changes doctors frequently.
  • Claimant can never be contacted at home even though they are allegedly disabled.
  • The employee’s medical provider(s) and/or legal representatives have been associated with previous suspicious claims.
  • The reported injury occurs right before or after a strike, firing, layoff (especially claims filed once unemployment benefits expire) or at the conclusion of temporary work.
  • There is a history of suspicious or fraudulent claims associated with the claimant.